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Went to Montana with Sage, new name  Lucius Orias

Six babies born November 10, 2013

Five black boys and a tortie girl

 went to their new homes around February 2




Going to Puyallup with Jesse, new name Isotope


Going together with Blue to Snohomish with the Entz family. New name Leia


Going with Purple to Snohomish with the Entz family.  New name Vader





Going to Ballard with Jordan.

New name

Sir Clementine




Orange:  Going to Patricia in Olympia, new name Dillion




Group photos




Dad Mortimer & Mom Lilith




Three solid black bald babies (all girls) born August 7, 2013

went to their new homes for Halloween








"Barnibus" new name: POE

-went to Sammamish with Erica & Dane

"Moose"    new name:    Mini Moose

went to Bremerton with Tom & Jaime

Valentine -went to LA with Ally 

Group shots

Mom Minnow


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