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Lilith & Mortimer litter born    

August 15&16, 2014 - all six boys. Went to their new homes around Nov. 8





Slideshows below show weekly photos of each boy. 


(Orange) - Went to LA with Ally & Jordan

Omar (Red) went to Seattle with Jana 

Caspian (Blue) - went to Lynnwood with Justin, Sabrina & Bella

Shaman (Green) went to Bellevue with Daniel, Dennis & Anna

Winston (Purple) went to Snohomish with Kristin

Dio (Pink) went to Oakland with Lyrin & Tony

1 day old!  Here they are in birth order from top to bottom.  They are doing great, ranging from 2.9 to 3.3 ounces at birth.  First four were born on Friday night, last two waited 2 hours and were born Saturday morning.

Two black boys born March 25, 2014

Monday & Minnow litter, went to their new homes June 21



Hopper 1:  (Radioactive) went to join Isotope with Jesse, Jacqui & Bella

Hopper 2:  (Bieal) went to Seattle with Jamie & Shane


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