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Lilith and Mortimer's litter

arrived November 16th, 2015 

Three black boys and  two tortie girls were ready for their forever homes on Febuary 8th.




Valentine and Mortimer had a

rainbow of four tortie girls on Aug. 30, 2015

All four are joining their forever families around November 22.





Minnow and Monday 

black litter born July 15, 2015!

"Orange" boy is going to NY, girls are going to Gold Bar, Auburn and LA.










Valentine's Valentines came a day late on Feburary 15, 2015! The rainbow litter!!

Three tortie girls and a solid black boy.

All four joined their forever families around May 10th.















Lilith and Mortimer's litter arrived

April 21, 2015! 


Five black boys and a tortie girl.


They all joined their forever families mid-July 









Malakai & Mortimer's pinkies arrived

June 19, 2015

They joined their new families in Spokane, Richland/Pullman and Everett in early September.




Solid Black Boy Sprinkles gone to Sequim with Jesse,  Black Tortie girl Sukki to Puyallup with Christine, cream tortie Tink to Tacoma with Maia, and other cream tortie girl Elise joined her two brothers with Jesse and Jacqui in Olympia.   

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