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Sphynx are not low maintenance

We are a family that raises Sphynx kittens.  I don't really consider us a cattery.  Our cats are underfoot at all times and sleep with us at night.  We also have a beach rescue pup, Mo, and Axl, a Xoloitzcuintli (Mexican Hairless dog, to stay with the theme!) We feed all the neighborhood strays as well and six have taken up residence in our front garage. Jon recently rescued a kitten from the malecon. He was the laundry room cat until his health was checked out and he was vaccinated. Now he's a fuzzy Deeze indoor cat!


Sphynx are not "feed, scoop and forget it" pets.  They are very affectionate and want to be with you at all times. If you sit you will have one, if not several on your lap. They are called hairless but most actually do have a small amount of hair like peach fuzz, some more than others. Since they have little or no hair to collect the oil from their skin they require regular bathing. They need weekly ear cleaning and nail clipping but depending on oil production baths are needed at least monthly.  Some need to be washed more often either because of their light color and very little hair or because they're so darn busy. Their bedding needs to be laundered weekly, even with regular baths. They must have a warm place to go.  In the Pacific Northwest I recommend covered cat beds with heating pads for each cat.  They will sleep in them year-round if they are not snuggled up in bed with you.  In the winter they also can wear sweaters to keep them warm.  In LA with Ally and In Mazatlán they rarely use their cat bed but definitely still cuddle under the covers.


In case you wonder about having unfixed male cats in the house:  Yes, the boys wear stud pants if they aren't in their rooms.  I researched ideas online and made my own.  After about four iterations I am happy with the final design and the fit. They each have separate rooms in completely different areas of the house.  Stud boys don't tend to like each other, and ours are no exception.


Sphynx tend to have sensitive stomachs.  We fed Darwin's, a commercial frozen raw diet, for years until we had a litter of kittens get sick from Campylobacter.  Now I try to stick to Royal Canin for the kittens. Pregnant Moms and babies get Royal Canin Baby.  I've tried them all, and have found Royal Canin seems to work.  We have also had luck with Purina Sensitive Skin & Stomach for adults. In Mexico cat food is hard to get consistently and very expensive. I've been able to stick with Royal Canin and I make our own balanced raw.  Do not switch their food quickly.  If you switch, mix the new food in slowly with the old or you run the risk of them being sick for several days.




Sphynx kittens Cissy & Indi litters
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