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Next Litter is due in August. We almost always have a waiting list with kittens reserved before they are born.  Contact me for information on the reservation and adoption process.

I bunch the Mazatlán litters now for ease of getting them back to the US.  I try to plan three litters at a time 4 months apart.  Last batch that went home in July happened to be our three biggest litters ever, we were busy!  I guess the girls decided to give us a vacation because although I bred Indi, Cissy & Dove to be due in August, it looks like only Dove is pregnant.  Happy to get a break, although I know waiting families may not be so happy. I still plan on hopefully three litters to be born in December with go-home in March, and we'll continue on.

 See breeding schedule below for other upcoming litters

Contact me if you would like to reserve a kitten or be put on the waiting list for a kitten from an upcoming litter

$2000 pet price for Seattle born kittens, $1800 pet price (plus $350 ground delivery to US) for Mazatlán born kittens (vet care is so much more affordable in Mexico!)  $500 deposit to reserve until ready to leave mom after 12 weeks.  

   Ground delivery of the Mazatlán litters to  Washington, Arizona, California, Oregon, Idaho & Nevada families for pickup along the route is $350 per kitten. If needed: shipping outside of Washington by flight courier is now with covid pricing $750 additional (it used to be much less, hopefully it will eventually go back down!) We still have a few Kittens born in Washington sporadically - no set schedule like the Mazatlán babies so the wait is much longer. Those Washington born kittens do not have an additional delivery fee if picked up in the local Seattle area.


Our Kitten colors:







boys and girls


boys and girls


boys  and girls


boys  and girls

Tentative Mazatlan Breeding schedule (moms don't always cooperate) 

The Washington Breeding schedule is unpredictable!
I will post on the top of this page when we have known upcoming Washington litters.  Beerus, Nefertiti and soon Proxy are our Washington moms

Valentine with babies a long time ago


Dove and Odd had 2 boys and 3 girls,   July 31, 2022

These kittens will likely be reserved by families already on the wait list.

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