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Moon, Audie and Deja are in with the boys now.  Hopefully we will have another bunch of happy kittens born in August that will go home in December!


We are done with picks from the waiting list now for the kittens from Indi, Cruz & Nova litters.  These kittens will go to their new homes in July!

I used to try to have a litter monthly, but now I bunch the Mazatlán litters for ease of getting them back to the US.  I try to plan three litters at a time 4 months apart. Deliveries are usually April, July and November. 


   Contact me for information on the reservation and adoption process.

 We always have more litters planned. The typical wait list time is generally less than six months. Sometimes much less, there is just no predicting litter size.

Contact me if you would like to reserve a kitten or be put on the waiting list for a kitten from an upcoming litter

Typical pet price is $2200 including ground delivery to Western US for Mazatlán born kittens. Odd eye and dominant  blue eye kittens are more.  

    I Hand deliver the Mazatlán born kittens to  Washington, Arizona, California, Oregon, Idaho & Nevada families for pickup along the route. If needed: delivery by flight courier to other states outside of my drive route  is now with covid pricing $500 - $750 additional (it used to be much less, hopefully it will eventually go back down!) 


Our Kitten colors:







boys and girls


boys and girls


boys  and girls


boys  and girls

Tentative Breeding schedule (moms don't always cooperate) 

Valentine with babies a long time ago

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