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The Dads




Odd of Deeze, born 5/31/2018.

Adult weight 12#.  Solid White, beautiful odd eyes, one blue, one green.  White genetics can mask other colors so he can have all colors of babies. 







Arobatics Aristrocrat, born 6/1/2018.  Imported from Russia.

Adult weight 12#.  Solid Black but carries dilute.  







Pirate of Deeze, born 5/11/22.  

Beautiful Blue boy.  







Deeze Monday, born 1/29/2012.

Adult weight 8#.  Solid Black, chamois texture, green eyes.  Our first love.  He comes when he's called and pees in the toilet





Adoribald Mortimer Mr. Pink of Deeze, born 12/1/2012.

Our big boy, 10 1/2#.  Solid Red as a baby, faded to cream, eraser texture, blue eyes.  It would have been 'Pink Floyd Mr. Busy' instead of just 'Mr. Pink' in his name if there were enough spaces on the registration form.  He's a cuddlebug and loves everyone.


AlienNation Mars of Deeze, born March/18/2016.

Gorgeous sticky bald solid black boy.  Such a sweet friendly guy.


Our Wonderful Retired Dads

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