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The Much Loved Retired Moms

"Minnow" - Retired

Silkstockings Minnie Spice, born 5/11/2011. Solid black, velvet texture. Green eyes. 7 pounds. Absolute dictator of the menagerie.  With Monday as dad she has black boys and girls.

"Lilith"" - Retired

Lilith Rue of Deeze, born 6/29/2012

Solid black, chamois texture.  Green eyes. Monday's sister.  She has black boys and tortie girls with Mortimer as dad.

""Valentine" - Retired

Deeze Valentine, born 8/7/2013

Solid black, velvet texture.  Minnow and Monday's daughter.  

"Rhue" - Retired

So Lovely Rhue Rue of Deeze, born 6/25/2015

Our Black Russian imported from Moscow.  Gold eyes, very bald.  We will breed her with Monday for black boys and girls. 

"Beerus" - Retired

-Deeze Lordess Beerus, born 11/16/2015

Blue Tortie, Velvet texture. 

Green/blue eyes. 

""Luna"" - Retired

Princessrose Luna of Deeze, born 12/30/2016

Black velvet.  Gold eyes. She will have black or seal babies with Monday or Mars or Black or seal boys and tortie girls with Mortimer.

""Maxima" - Retired"


Deeze Maxima, born 4/30/2017

Seal Tortie.  Gold eyes. 

"Knobbie" - Retired

Deeze Rebel Knobblette, born 8/30/2015

Blue Tortie, very bald with one freckle tuft of fur on her right side.  Green/blue eyes. 

"Sweetums" - Retired

Deeze Queen Sweetum Mae, born 8/30/2015

Red Tortie, very bald. Knobbie's littermate. Green/blue eyes. 

"Mira" -Retired

AlienNation Mira of Deeze, born 3/18/2015

Black stickybald.  Gold eyes. 

"""Oddette" - Retired

Oddette from Cozy Alien Home, born 3/20/2018.  White Odd-eye.


Shammicats Malakai of Deeze, born 2/16/2014

Red Tabby & White, velvet texture.  Gold eyes. She is friend to everyone.  



Deeze Nefertiti, born 4/30/2017

Blue Sepia Tortie.  Gold eyes. 



Deeze Xena, born 2/27/2018

Seal Sepia.  Gold eyes. 

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