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We  got into breeding Sphynx through the love of our boy Monday.  Our daughter Ally had always wanted a Sphynx through her teen years.  I had never even heard of Sphynx cats and when Ally showed me pictures I thought they were ugly and wondered why anyone would ever want one, especially as they need regular baths.  While Ally was still at home on Bainbridge Island going to college she saved up enough to purchase a Sphynx kitten, Monday, as a pet to be neutered at six months.  When summer rolled around she went on a road trip to San Francisco, wound up in LA, and decided to stay in California.  Meanwhile Monday was home with me and to say we bonded is an understatement.  I have always loved our animals but this guy was something special. As he burrowed under the covers to sleep with me every night, and snuggled under my jacket during the day, he burrowed into my heart.  The thought of Monday leaving for LA with Ally was hard to imagine, but of course Ally wanted him with her as well.  After much negotiation Ally relented and agreed that if I bought a girl to live with her then Monday could live with me.  Part of the deal was also that when they were old enough we would breed them.  I paid for the breeding rights for Monday and made the mistake of going back to Monday's breeder for a little girl.  She had a new litter and told us that Lilith, the little girl we liked, had the same dad as Monday, but a different mom.  I felt a little hesitant about breeding half siblings, but the breeder assured us that it is done all the time, and I didn't know any better then, so we purchased Lilith.  Ally picked Lilith up on her way back down to LA.  In email from the breeder she let slip that Lilith and Monday are full siblings although (after I called her on it) when I got the paperwork for Lilith in the mail she is registered as his half sibling .  I won't be dealing with that breeder any more.  Since we don't know whether or not to trust the breeder about them being full or half siblings I had to look for another girl to breed with Monday.  I found Minnow in central Oregon.  Minnow's mom and sister had started ganging up on her when her sister had a litter of kittens.  Her owner needed to find her a friendlier home, she's very happy with us, she rules the roost.  One Sphynx, two Sphynx, then three Sphynx... The madness continues; since we needed a male to breed with Lilith I found a little Pink boy in the LA area and was set to pick him up  when I drove Ally's furniture down to her new apartment.  Long story short, he didn't get to drive home with me but flew up a couple weeks later.  Then we had four.  We kept Valentine, one of the girls from our first litter and traded a kitten from our second litter with a breeder for Malakai, a pink girl.  Then we had SIX!! That is how we got started on the process of learning all we could about these wonderful cats. ​

In 2020 we retired but still continued with our love for these amazing cats and kittens. So much so that we went International!  In December 2020 I retired from my "real job" we sold our Bainbridge house, and we bought a home in Mazatlán, Mexico. With my car and Jon's truck and a trailer we moved five of the girls and Odd down here with us. It was an exciting trip. The cats traveled very well, they were actually the least of our worries!   We used a great ground courier to get our first couple of Mazatlán litters up to Washington but now we just drive them ourselves.  Gives us a chance to see the family and re-stock supplies we can't get In Mexico.


The bald cats LOVE the Mexican weather, and so do we!

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